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Who is J2G Investments ?

J2G Investments LLC is a non-profit making organization with a vision to build a world where we bring innovative solution to solve world’s problems. We are passionate solution-oriented team that are dedicated to help bring transformation through partnership and collaboration in providing humans with appropriate social or economic opportunities. We believe that together we can solve the problems of our society by Investing in Humanity through education and awareness.

Our Core Values

we innovate and push boundless creativity through curiosity and taking intelligent risks

We aim at improving local communities by providing avenues for growth and development

We are mission- minded- we help people transform lives and in turn they make a bigger impact on the world

We are transparent, honest, and committed to doing what’s best for humanity

We are genuinely concerned about people and our environment. We commit in helping along the journey of awareness, courage, confidence, and joy

We believe in the power of communities, to connect with customers, partners to drive success

We respect and value people of all backgrounds. Together, we create a better workplace and the world

Be yourself, bring your own perspective. It is about being real, approachable, and working together to make a difference

Meet Our Team




The Director, founder and the group of many other organizations and groups. Kajuu, have served in humanity ministries for over 15 years, both in Africa and on other continents.

Hasteen .O.

Hasteen .O.


Coordinator and the operations director, leading the East African region and situated in Nairobi Kenya. Hasteen have been a minister and a youth leader in a religious group,

Build a world where you can bring innovative solution to solve world’s problems

There Are Many Ways to Help the Earth!

Head office in Texas, USA

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